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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique form of body conditioning exercise that strengthens, tones and lengthens the body whilst strengthening and balancing the mind to body connection. It was created by Joseph Pilates and was originally called ‘Contrology’ until it was later re-named after its creator.   Pilates targets the deep stability muscles, which improve alignment, mobility, posture and general body balance. In a Pilates class we aim to get full range of movement through all of our joints as well as controlled movement patterns in order to use our body to its maximum potential in work and play.

Pilates is a low impact type of exercise that, when taught correctly, is safe for all ages and abilities regardless of size, weight, height and experience, in the right environment Pilates can be beneficial for you.  Pilates is being used more and more by sports professionals, athletes and Physiotherapists for rehab as well as by those of us who just want to keep moving for as long as we possibly can – enjoying life to the full and maximising our own movement potential, mind & body connection and posture.  Pilates is definitely for all.

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